Language families[edit | edit source]

European (counts as one family):

  • English: opossum, possum
  • French: sarigue, opossum
  • German: Beutelratte "pouch rat"
  • Russian: опо́ссум (opóssum)
  • Spanish: zarigüeya, tlacuache

Austronesian (counts as one family):

  • Indonesian: oposum, posum, semacam tupai
  • Filipino: opossum, oposum


  • Mandarin: 負鼠 (fùshǔ) "a rat that carries", 奧珀瑟姆 (àopòsèmǔ), 波瑟姆 (bōsèmǔ)
  • Japanese: オポッサム (opossamu), 袋鼠 (fukuronezumi) "pouch rat"
  • Korean: 주머니쥐 (jumeonijwi) "pouch rat"
  • Vietnamese: chồn Opossum, ô-pốt-sâm, thú ô-pốt
  • Hindi: ओपस्सम (opassam)
  • Telugu: (unknown)
  • Arabic: أُوبُسُوم‎ (ʾubusum)
  • Swahili: kifaurongo, oposumu
  • Persian: صاریغ‎ (sâriğ)
  • Turkish: keseli sıçan "wallet rat", oppossum

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Word-for-word, German Beutelratte, Japanese 袋鼠 and Korean 주머니쥐 mean "pouch rat" or "bag rat". Turkish keseli sıçan means "wallet rat", or more literally, "rat with a wallet".
  • The name of the order Didelphimorphia, the scientific term for the opossum, comes from Ancient Greek di- ("two") and delphús ("womb"), or "two wombs".*
  • The majority of source languages borrow the English word "opossum" which comes from the Powhatan word aposoum ("white dog").*
  • The etymology of the word "opossum" is often incorrectly stated to come from the Latin word oppossum.*
  • Which option is the most fair: borrow the English word opossum which is already used in a large number of languages, borrow the original Powhatan word aposoum, or translate "pouch rat", "bag mouse", etc. into Globasa?
  • Some translations of "opossum" refer to marsupials in general.
  • "Bag mouse" in Globasa is baoli maux. This term may better suit marsupials in general, and opossum or aposoum could be borrowed into Globasa to refer to the specific type of marsupial.

Consensus[edit | edit source]

Language families:

  • European, Austronesian, Mandarin, Japanese, Vietnamese, Hindi, Arabic, Swahili, Turkish: 9

Decision[edit | edit source]

oposum, oposumu, baoli maux

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