Globasa Wiki

Tatoeba is a database of millions of sentences in many languages. Some of these sentences are being translated into Globasa to test the syntax of the language, to increase the corpus of Globasa, and for possible future inclusion on the Tatoeba website.

List of sentences[]

The sentences below are translations of those extracted from the Tatoeba website. Only sentences with CC0, BY or BY-SA licenses are allowed on this page.

  • Tesu baytu no teli of hin dukan. #285674, by CK (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Te velosi xwexi exnasyonli basa. #1212391, by duran (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Kam yu fikir fe Fransesa? #2493998, by paul_lingvo (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Parsisa no is katina basa. #3808582, by kotik (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Jawabu le asan. #4711703, by deyta (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Mobil fe Tom le corido. #4763261, by deyta (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Kam yu hare matre? #5135109, by Guybrush88 (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Imi le gamicu of lefe tiga nyan. #5160908, by marafon (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Mi no hare problem fe hinto. #5178799, by albrusgher (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Am presenta yusu idey mingo. #5338163, by duran (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Mi fikir ki yu no ingay nun fale dento solo. #7142925, by CK (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Kam yu no somnowol? #7276334, by carlosalberto (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Imisu baytu no hare mehmanli banyodom. #8340606, by CK (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • Mi yakin ki to xa amusacu. #8446298, by marioo (CC BY 2.0 FR)
  • To is katina tas mi na imanu fe se. #9709516, by DJ_Saidez (CC BY 2.0 FR)