Globasa Wiki
  • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Velos brun ruba tyao supra tembel bwaw.
  • The cow jumped over the moon. Mumu le tyao supra Luna.
  • We will walk to the apartment. Imi xa sampo cel aparmen.
  • The park is 10 kilometers away. Parke is fe telije fe des kilometro.
    • [...fe telije de des kilometro?]
  • That apple tastes good! Pingo bono xetocu.
  • In other words, I think it must be a good idea to go. Fe alo lexi, mi fikir ki maximbil is bono idey na idi.
  • Listen to the sound of the music. Am bonore soti de musika.
  • Come learn Globasa with us! Am ata na xwexi Globasa ton imi!
  • Are you really coming to the party today? Kam yu xa real ata cel parti nundyen?
  • More than 7000 languages are spoken in the world. Max kom 7000 basa be loga in globa.
    • [Inside the world? Or "per globa"?]
  • Bring your friends along with us. Am porta yusu doste tongo ton imi.
    • [Don't literally carry your friends. Maybe "am tonisgi yusu doste..."]
  • The elephant, an animal of Africa and Asia, is adept to living in its environment. Elefan, hewan of Afrika ji Asi, maharpul fe jiwa in sesu jowey.
  • How would you solve this quadratic equation as part of today's assignment?
  • How quickly can you learn Globasa? Ren abil na xwexi Globasa keli velos?
  • The movie that I saw at the theater was good. Filme kuto mi le oko fe teatro le bono.
  • Let it go!