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Globasa is a language designed to be easy to learn and to be used by people who do not share a common language. It borrows words from many of the world's languages, so some Globasa words may look familiar to you.

Whether you are traveling abroad or are learning the language just for fun, the phrases presented here will guide you on a path to using the language for yourself, whether it be just a few phrases for a trip or becoming conversational.

Basics[edit | edit source]

Salom! Hi!/Hello!

Xanti! Peace!/Hello!/Good-bye!

Bonata! Welcome!

Bono soba!/Bonsoba! Good morning!

Bono nuru!/Bonnuru! Good day!/Good afternoon!

Bono axam!/Bonaxam! Good evening!

Yu kepul? How are you?

Daymo bono, ji yu? Very well, and you?

Bono. Fine.

Semi bono. Not too bad.

Semi semi. So-so.

Yusu name is keto? What is your name?

Misu name is _____. My name is _____.

Yukway na xorkone yu./Yukway. It's nice to meet you.

Is koxya na xorkone yu./Is furaha na xorkone yu. It's a pleasure to meet you.

To is koxya./To is furaha. It's a pleasure.

Weda! Bye!/Good-bye!

Bonturi! Bon voyage!

Bono noce!/Bonnoce! Good night!

Fe lutuf. Please.

Xukra. Thank you.

No hay seba. You're welcome.

Si. Yes.

No. No.

Mi no jixi. I don't know.

Asif. Sorry.

Mafu. Excuse me./Pardon me.

Mi no aham. I don't understand.

Kam yu aham? Do you understand?

Kam yu loga Globasa?/Kam yu Globasa? Do you speak Globasa?

Si, xosu. Yes, a little bit.

Yu ofya keloka? Where are you from?

Mi ofya _____. I'm from _____.

Yu ogar keloka? Where do you live?

Mi ogar in _____. I live in _____.

Ren loga _____ ke maner (fe Globasa)? How do you say _____ (in Globasa)?

At the airport[edit | edit source]

At the restaurant[edit | edit source]

Shopping[edit | edit source]

Food[edit | edit source]

dyex plate

kaxoke spoon

forke fork

sui water

milko milk

ovo egg

pingo apple

banan banana

kafe coffee

byer beer

vino wine

cay tea

jus juice

jubin cheese

risi rice

Numbers (0-100)[edit | edit source]

nil 0

un 1

dua 2

tiga 3

care 4

lima 5

sisa 6

sabe 7

oco 8

nue 9

des 10

des un 11

des dua 12

des tiga 13

des care 14

des lima 15

des sisa 16

des sabe 17

des oco 18

des nue 19

duades 20

duades un 21

tigades 30

caredes 40

limades 50

sisades 60

sabedes 70

ocodes 80

nuedes 90

cen 100

Numbers (100+)[edit | edit source]

cen un 101

cen duades tiga 123

duacen 200

kilo 1,000

mega 1,000,000

giga 1,000,000,000

tera 1,000,000,000,000

Colors[edit | edit source]

roso red

orange orange

jalo yellow

kijawi green

blue blue

purpur purple

syahe black

sefide white

lilroso pink

bruno brown

hwese gray

cyan cyan

magenta magenta

Languages[edit | edit source]

Globasa Globasa

Englisa English

Espanisa Spanish

Fransesa French

Putunhwa Chinese (Mandarin)

Arabisa Arabic

Hindisa Hindi

Niponsa Japanese

Hangusa Korean

Telling time[edit | edit source]

To is ke satu? What time is it?

To is satu un It is one o'clock.

To is (satu) sisa (ji) tigades lima It is six thirty-five.

To is (satu) oco fe soba. It is eight in the morning.

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